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• Original Hem on Jeans

• Shorten Shirt length or sleeve

• Take in Shirts for "slim" fit

• Hand Finished Hems on Pants

• Repair and Replacement of all types of Zippers

• Repair and Replacement of Coat & Pant Linings

• Repair and Replacement of Coat & Pant Pockets

• Shorten Jacket Sleeves from Shoulder

• Shorten the entire length of a Jacket 

• Remove Pleats from Pants / Slacks

• Make Real Buttonholes on Jacket Sleeves 

• Imitation Buttonholes on Jacket Sleeves 

• Patch holes and tears in Jackets & Pants (Re-weaving)

• Patch holes in Jeans

• Raise or Lower Armholes on Coats / Jackets

• Create Center Vent or Side Vents on a Jacket

• And Much More!!

For Men


Ace Tailoring provides alteration and repair services for mens suits, pants, sports coat, outerwear, sportswear and more. We repair and alter clothes to designers’ factory specifications.



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